Monday, September 20, 2010

Random Pictures

We went to a luau and Hailey immediately fell in love with all the leis. I took them off her but she started to cry so I promptly put them back on. She walked around all night like this. Adorable!

We enrolled Aubrey in a ballet class and she loves her leotard and skirt. It is so fun to watch all the little girls prance about! My little ballerina.

If the leis picture didn't emphasize this point enough, here is another picture to show just how much Hailey loves necklaces.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Many people comment that our girls look like twins. When out in public there have been countless times that people have commented on our "twins". Just this week I was at the store and a man asked if I got two for the price of no, they aren't twins. We went to the doctor this week for the girls to have their routine checkups. Aubrey is in the 16% for height while Hailey is in the 75% for height. I guess that explains why they look like twins, they are practically the same size!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Case Lot Sale

I love Western Family and I love case lot sales!

Spagetti Night

Family Home Evening Chart

While in Boise my sister helped me make this family home evening chart. I love the way it turned out. It is a dark brown color with brass buttons for hooks. I had a hard time deciding what to for the name tags. I could have done our names printed out, or big initials, but when my sister and I saw the little dog stickers in the store I knew I found the perfect tags! It represents our family so well! The girls love dogs so much and are always going over to look at their puppies. Can you guess which dog represents who?

Ensign Peak

We hiked up ensign peak and the girls did a great job. Hailey wanted to walk the whole way and did not want to be carried!

Hailey is crying because she doesn't want to be held.

Aubrey found this cluster of rocks at the top of Ensign Peak and pretended it was her house.

Ice cream anyone?

Nutty noodles with chicken

This meal may not look like much, but it is delicious. Cook wheat noodles with carrots and edamames. Add the sauce which is peanut butter and low fat sesame ginger dressing. Top with cucumbers. Yummmmmmy!

Liberty Park

When we went to Lagoon both girls loved the rides, Hailey liked them because she could sit right by or behind Aubrey. We took the girls to Liberty Park and Hailey did not like the rides as much because the rides don't have two seats, just one. We took the girls on the ferris wheel and Aubrey loved it while Hailey cried. In all, it was a fun time!

We just had to get down on the concrete to get a closer look at the water.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


After the family reunion the girls and I headed to Boise for a few weeks. We had so much fun! Thank you to my mom, brother, and sister for hosting me and for the great great time. We were there for my Mom and brother's birthday, I also got to see my nephews' football games, and do some fun crafts. I'll post pictures of the crafts when they are finished.

Aubrey made a birthday card for my brother and then wrapped it up in tissue paper. How cute!

She was enjoying her cake so much that Aubrey didn't quite make it to the bathroom.

Under the watchful eye of my sister Hailey grew freckles.

Every family got an award. The award given to our family was for Paul, he got the "Bar" award. Paul is holding a piece of wood with a bar attached to it...a little something we can display in our home!!!

Family Reunion

We went to Blackfoot this summer for my family's reunion. We had SOOOO much fun and the kids loved playing with their cousins. Activities included boating, obstical course, triathlon, and Paul and I were in charge of the minute-to-win-it competition!
These are the pictures of Aubrey participating in the kid's obstical course.

Swimming through the pool.

Running through the cones.

Tossing the bean bags.

Jumping in the castle.

Trying to break a water balloon over Dad's head!

Here are all our family participants! They did a tremendous job, especially the bikers who probably went well over their alloted distance. My brother on the far right did the entire triathlon by himself. He also went well past the biking distance as he missed the turn around point...let's just say the biking portion could have been marked better.

The Triathlon

Paul and I decided to participate in a triathlon this summer that much of my family was participating in as it was being held during our family reunion. We were going to do it as a team, my sister-in-law would run, I would bike, and Paul would swim. Training went well this summer but, unfortunately, I got sick right before the reunion. So, my nephew took my spot biking for our team.

My brother-in-law and sister-in-law did a great job running.

Here is my brother and nephew taking off on their bikes after the runners came in.

Here is Paul and the rest of the family, waiting for the bikers to come in so he can get started on the swimming portion.

We went out to hunt for the bikers...we found them! My brother had taken a wrong turn and led my nephew the wrong way. I am sure they biked much farther than the triathlon required! Poor guys! I'm glad I didn't bike after all!!!

The bikers finally made it to the finish line.

Dinner Tonight

I tried a new recipe from a new cookbook. "Savory Yellow and Green Zucchini Pancakes". The title is so delicious it made my mouth water. However, I learned a few valuable lessons from attempting this recipe. First, actually the only lesson I learned, is to follow the directions exactly! If you don't, it simply doesn't turn out as good, in this case it wasn't even edible! (I unfortunately get lazy when I cook and have to learn this same lesson over and over again, just follow the recipe!) Instead of grating the zucchini and yellow squash, which the recipe calls for, I chopped it in my chopper because I did not have an electric grater...who wants to grate it all by hand?! This caused the consistency to be very different...perhaps too different. The batter was too watery to form pancakes. Then, unfortunately, I added twice the amount of onion the recipe called for. This mistake was not intentional. I didn't even notice until Paul asked to see the recipe after tasting the vile concoction. Paul tried to improve the meal by adding sugar to counter-act the bitter and potent taste of onion. He topped the meal by adding about a cup of ketchup to his meal! I took a few bites and couldn't finish. After dinner Paul took the rest of the...meal, and put it in a tuperware container. I said "Um, your saving that?!" Paul said, "Yea, I'll eat it tomorrow. We shouldn't waste good food." I said, "That is not good food!"
This is what was for dinner tonight!

Summertime Update

To all of my faithful bloggers out there, I am so sorry to have kept you in suspense for so long about my wonderful summer. Wait no more! Relief is here. However, because I have so much to update I will try to update ofen over the next week or two, giving you highlights in each update.

Hailey is teaching herself how to eat! She loves feeding herself and will no longer allow anyone to help her.

My sister came to Utah with her son and his cousin. They stayed the night at our house and then headed to Lagoon the next day. She offered to take us with them to Lagoon and we couldn't pass up such a good time! We had so much fun. Paul went on all the scary rides with his two nephews and the girls had such a great time riding the kiddie rides. We had so much fun! Thanks Carrie for a great great time!