Sunday, October 12, 2008

Birthday Bash!

We celebrated my 25th birthday today and had so much fun! I had birthday breakfast and dinner today and Paul fed Aubrey so I could enjoy my meals. He also made the coolest cake ever!

Paul made and decorated the cake himself. Didn't it turn out great?!

This is our birthday extravaganza! Paul decorated the house for me and it was such a fun day! I felt like a queen and it was really nice to have a break as Paul took over some of the daily tasks for me.

There were so many candles on the cake but I was able to manage blowing them all out in one breath!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Gender of Our Baby is a........

nother girl!!! We recently found out the gender of our cute little baby and it is another girl. We are thrilled! We really wanted a girl so Aubrey would have a play mate to dress up and play dolls with. Of course we would have been happy with either gender, as long as the baby was healthy, but we are pretty excited about this news. Hooray for girls!!!

Pumpkin Patch

The other day for family home evening we took Aubrey to a pumpkin patch. Unfortunately, because of all the moisture and rain, the pumpkins were planted late and there wasn't much in the patch to choose from. They did have a selection of pumpkins in their hay bail area and Aubrey enjoyed playing in the pumpkin area!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Things I learned from cutting a toddler's hair

1.) Always put them in a high chair. Do not think that, because they are well behaved children, they will sit still for a haircut.
2.) Cut the hair longer than you really want it. You will be going back and trimming a lot! In the end, it will be the length you want or even shorter!
3.) Use sharp hair cutting scissors. This offers preciseness in the cutting process.
4.) Give the child a very interesting toy or yummy treat to keep them occupied.
5.) Cut their hair right before a bath, if possible, and cut their hair when they are bare chested. If you keep their shirt on, their fine baby hair will stick to their shirt like glue.
6.) Understand that mothers are natural hair stylists. Children's hair will come out in all different lengths, but we are just styling and layering!(Keep this in mind if your purpose of the hair cut is to straighten and cut the ends ain't happening!)
7.) Realize that your children won't care what their hair looks like and they are cute regardless of how straight or short their hair is!!!

I have learned all these things through mistakes of Aubrey's first hair cut. I have given her trims before, but never a cut. (This was suppose to be a trim as well, until I cut at least an inch off of the back. I would say that is a cut!)