Monday, August 27, 2007

Happy Girl

Aubrey is so cute when she smiles.

Law School--First Test

Here I am in front of the law school building after my first exam. It was a tough exam, but I survived! Later that day, we took a walk so Ashley and Aubrey could inspect the premises of this building I spend so much time at.


Watch out when Aubrey gets hungry; she gently reminds you with this lovely face that all is not well in her universe.


Aubrey was so happy to have a little photo shoot. Her hairs is growing longer and she is just the cutest! She sure misses grandma, grandpa, and all her uncles and aunts.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Nauvoo the Beautiful--make that Gorgeous!

We visited the beautiful Nauvoo Temple to do our August session. If ever there was a reason to visit us, believe you me, this is it! The Nauvoo Temple is spectacular and it was so neat to be in there thinking about all the deceased Saints who must be thrilled that their Temple is back in their beloved Nauvoo. Doing Temple sessions with a six-week-old, however, is interesting. Ashley and I had to alternate tending Aubrey while attending our session. While Ashley was in the Temple, Aubrey and I got to see one of the many fun plays that are free to the public in Historic Nauvoo.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Mormon Handcart Park

So just off Mormon Trek Boulevard is Mormon Handcart Park. At the time, Iowa City was the end of the railroad and at this location, 3000 Saints built handcarts to trek it out to Utah. Ashley and I, in contrast, had a lovely time quietly wandering through the trails of this park.

Beautiful Kinnick Stadium

Now if you would please look to your left, you will see one of the most beautiful stadiums in the world! Feel free to grab a hankie if your eyes tear up.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Picture Perfect

Look at those fabulous pictures hanging above the crib. Even if they're not Picasso, they were something we concocted up and we like them. We finished painting and putting them together today.

Mom and Babe

Smile Miss Fuzzy Head; then it's off to bed. Ashley and babe pose before preparing to send Aubrey off to bed.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Quaint Kitchen

Here is our small, but nice kitchen. We love the fact that it has cupboards all around and a fan in the center.

More Living Room

This is the other side of our living room. See the air conditioner in the wall; that is called our life saver. Without it, I think we would melt!

Living Room

Welcome to our living room. We love the space that this room has and Ashley did such a good job at picking out the curtains.

Cute Apartment

Here is our cute little table and dining area. Those flowers greeted Ashley when she arrived to her new home. Anyway, it's great to have room for a table and chairs.

Iconic U of I

On a very hot, hazy, humid day I decided to ride my bike to the University's prize jewel located in Iowa City. This building was the first state capitol building for Iowa; the one that would have been in use when the Saints first left on the handcart trail from this city.

Gotham City

Here is Gothingham, Nebraska; not much to ride the Bat-mobile through. Anyway, Nebraska was green and grassy and wet. Okay, so it was more of a swamp than anything else. In fact, a nearby town flooded as we stayed in Nebraska; 5 inches of water in 12 hours!

Barren Wasteland

Here I am in the barren wasteland...aka Wyoming. Dad and I discovered that there's not much in Wyoming to write home about, except for maybe the guy we saw get arrested at the gas station.