Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine Cake

We are going to my brother's house this weekend to celebrate Valentine's Day. I thought I would make a cake for the occasion. I don't think this is the best cake I've ever done, but I definitely learned a lot from it. It was inspired by a baby shower cake on Aubrey enjoyed helping make the cake.

I also let Aubrey help decorate the cake. The little white ball on the bottom edging is Aubrey's contribution!

My Sweet Girls

Here are my girls and I, nestled down for a nice story!

Hailey's Aunt Carrie bought her a new Sunday dress. Doesn't she look adorable?! What a cutie!

The Snow Storm!

We had a two-part storm hit the East coast. Part one of the storm Paul and Aubrey went out to play but decided the snow might be a little too deep! While outside Aubrey met the neighbor's dog, Honey. Aubrey loves dogs and talked about Honey long after their meeting!

Part Two: Dad and Aubrey decided to venture out again and here is their fabulous snowman!!!