Sunday, January 25, 2009

4 Weeks and Counting

Here is a picture of me taken today. Only four weeks to go! We are so excited to meet our cute little girl...and to not be pregnant anymore!!!

World's Biggest Truck Stop!!!

Over Christmas break we went and visited the World's Largest Truck Stop! Yes, it is in Iowa! It is the most amazing truck stop anyone has ever seen. They have a Truck-o-Mat (laundry mat) and one of the above pictures show all the facilities they have for truckers...pretty amazing! One picture is blurry and is of the truck museum. There is also a picture of Paul and Aubrey in front of a yellow truck, which was showcased in the trucking showroom. (If our smiles look painful while we were outside, it is because of the bitter cold and took our breath away.)

Herbert Hoover Museum

Over Christmas break we visited the Herbert Hoover Museum. I didn't know a lot about President Hoover, but after the visit realized he was a great president. He had a lot of great ideals and principles. However, Black Friday and the great depression hit during his presidency which put a great damper on things. But he was a good man. The pictures are Paul and Aubrey fishing with Herbert Hoover and sitting at a remake of the cabin he went to for rest and relaxation. The museum also had an Elvis Christmas Display, so we had to take a picture with The King.

Big Girl Bed

After Christmas we set up a toddler bed for Aubrey. She LOVES it! Nap time has turned into play time, however she is really good at going to bed at night. My baby girl is getting so big! Aubrey also entered nursery at church the Sunday after Christmas. It is amazing how quickly they grow.