Sunday, June 29, 2008

Yummy Cake

Aubrey LOVED her birthday cake. It took a little encouragement to get her to eat, but once her hands were it the cake, the rest was history.

Happy Birthday Aubrey

This weekend we celebrated Aubrey's first birthday. She got a doll, some cool sunglasses, and a new birthday outfit and doll from Papa J. Happy birthday Aubrey!!! She has been such a joy in our life. The older she gets, the more lovable she becomes. I love her hugs and kisses and I absolutely love to hear her laugh. She loves to play with her dad and gets so excited when he comes home from school each day. She is very good natured and we are so blessed to have her in our family.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Paul's Birthday Extravaganza

Saturday was my birthday, and Ashley and Aubrey whipped up an amazing birthday extravaganza. Ashley made the coolest caterpiller cake I think I have ever seen. She is amazing at making cakes and it was a lot of fun to see. We wanted to see how Aubrey would respond to the cake and so we put a half of a caterpiller segment on her tray. At first, she was reluctant to touch it because the frosting was spikey. After we removed the frosting, however, she just chowed down. In fact, we had to take it away because she was biting off large chunks. Anyway, we learned that this little girl loves chocolate cake.

Coralville Strip video

Coralville Strip--Under Water!!!

These are some images of the Coralville strip on Saturday morning at 7:30a.m. Many of the buildings along the strip have water halfway up the first story. There is one family in the ward that lived near and had to evacuate before they could get their belongings out of their apartment, and their apartment is now flooded. Other families' apartments are damaged, but as far as I know, none of them will lose belongings in the flood. Today (Sunday) we went sandbagging again as a ward in Iowa City, and I just got back after the city called off the sandbagging efforts. I guess they think that what has been done is sufficient, and that now we will just wait to see what happens and prepare for the monumental cleanup effort.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Same Road

These are pictures of the exact same road that is near our home. The first picture was taken Monday evening as we were driving by. The second picture was taken Friday night. Notice how you can still read the "Road Closed" sign. The third picture was taken Saturday morning, just 12 hours later, and you can only read "Road" on the sign. Things sure are crazy here! But we are high and dry and our only fear is loss of power and water. There is not much possibility that we will be flooded.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Flooding and Us

Aubrey wanted to swing on the swings and let her feet swish in the water. Ashley is standing in front of a baseball field that has been flooded. Finally there is a picture of volunteers putting together sandbags in the road that leads from the park to the surrounding neighborhood.


Here are some pictures of the flood in our beautiful city. These are pictures of a park that Paul took his mom to about three weeks ago. Now most of it is under water. The bridge is closed to cars and pedestrians. There is a picture of Dubuque Street which is a major street that leads from the freeway into downtown. It is also closed. If you look closely at the third picture down you can see the top of a pavilion. The last picture down shows the fence of a baseball field.

Trip down memory lane

Here are some pictures from one of my scrapbooks. Enjoy!

Pioneer Fun

On Saturday we had a pioneer celebration at the stake center. The Young Nauvoo Performers came all the way from Nauvoo to be our entertainment. There were pioneer games and fun activities for everyone to participate in. We had a lot of fun and Aubrey was very entertained by the Nauvoo Performers.

Aubrey's Hair

Aubrey started to get heat rash on the back of her neck so I thought I would attempt to pull her hair all the way back. She usually is very good about holding still so I can do her hair every morning. I actually think she sometimes gets anxious to have her hair done because she doesn't like it in her face.

Flooding in Iowa City

We are having severe flooding in our dear town of Iowa City. On Sunday many wards cancelled church and Paul went down to help in the sandbagging effort. On Monday Paul went back out to help sandbagging and the street that he took on Sunday to get to the neighborhood has now been flooded and closed off so he had to take an alternate route. We will try and get more pictures this weekend. The river is not even suppose to crest until next Tuesday.