Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Life is Beautiful

Life is so beautiful and good. I am so grateful for all my blessings. I have such a wonderful husband who takes care of me and our girls. One of his greatest desires is to make us happy, and he is succeeding! I have two beautiful little girls who bring me such joy everyday! We have had a busy month and, through it all, we have been blessed countless times and are grateful for the hand of the Lord in our lives. Hailey has had a head-to-toe rash for about 4 weeks. We took her to the Children's Hospital and I was very much relieved at the medical attention and advice we received. Two days later I had an emergency appendectomy. Surgery went very well and I am so blessed that my appendix did not rupture. Paul has been wonderful to take care of me and the girls during my recovery and ward members have been so sweet to bring meals and watch the girls. Yesterday we found out that we have to replace the transmission in our car. I am so grateful we can get this problem resolved before we drive across the country in a couple of weeks! At the end of this month we are moving to Utah and we are excited to be closer to family. We have been so blessed with good friends and good family who surround us, support us, and pray for us. Thank you all for the influence you have had in our lives. Life is beautiful!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Easter Dresses

Papa J(Paul's Dad) bought the girls new Easter dresses. They are adorable and the girls look great in them!

Happy Easter

Paul bought me a new Easter outfit! He did a great job, I love it!

Paul hid easter eggs around the apartment and the girls had a great time finding them all.

Easter morning. We hid the girls Easter baskets and they were so excited to find them.

Paul and his Easter basket.

We dyed Easter eggs on Friday and Aubrey thoroughly enjoyed the process.


The girls love reinacting "Noah's Ark" with Dad on Sunday mornings. Here they are in the ark with all the animals.

Aubrey thought it was so funny to wear Dad's socks.

Here is my little bookworm. She loves to look at books and turn the pages. Don't try to read to her, it will only slow her down!

Aubrey is such a good mom to her baby dolls! She puts them down for naps, feeds them, takes them on walks, everything!

St Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patty's day! We dressed as green as we possibly could and had delicious green oatmeal for breakfast!

We had a fun St Patty's day activity. We traced shapes with glue and then used green sprinkles to cover the shapes. I wanted to save her hands paper for scrapbooking. Unfortunately the ants got to it!

For dinner we had green eggs and toast! (I made homemade bread and tried to dye it green, but it turned out a mucky brown color instead.)