Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We're Here!

We made it! After traveling across the country, stopping in the middle for Paul's law school graduation (for which I am extremely proud of him!) we have made it to Utah! We are renting an apartment in South Salt Lake and it only took us two days of hurried unpacking before Paul hit the books again, this time studying for the bar. We are happy to be here and excited to see friends and family again.

We got together with some dear friends before we left Iowa. We will miss our Iowa family greatly and all those who influenced our lives for good. We loved the Midwest and it will remain a bright spot in our memory.

Paul and the girls

Paul's Dad came for graduation and it was so much fun having him there. We appreciate the sacrifice he made to be with us on such an important occasion.

We made it!!! I am so proud of Paul and all the hard work and long hours he put into this degree. It feels great to be finished, but we are grateful for the journey and the opportunity to have been at the University of Iowa.

Paul's graduation!

The girls were helping me pack by pulling out all the packaging peanuts and ripping them to shreds. How helpful!

Aubrey at the Washington DC Temple.

The kids were so excited about the Museum of Natural History it brought them to the point of exhaustion!

Aubrey and her cousin Ethan attempting to catch birds.


We went to visit DC while staying with my brother in Virginia. At lunch time a bird swooped down and ate a piece of bread from Paul's hand.

WWII Memorial

Washington Monument

Utah and Idaho!!!

Abraham Lincoln


Gettysburg Visitors Center

Monument dedicated to North Carolina and sculpted by a man from Idaho!

Honest Abe with the Justensens