Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas time is Here, Babies everywhere

Out here in Iowa, EVERYTHING comes sooner; caucuses, politics, snow, and even Christmas. This is the whole gang on "Christmas morning." It was so fun to have our own little celebration.

Paul for Hillary?

First we move to Iowa, and now we're supporting the democrats? Interesting how things change! Just kidding, I actually had a lot of fun visiting Hillary and of course I had to take a picture with all of her paraphernalia. I'm still a Mitt fan though.

Here's Hillary

You cannot be in Iowa during election season without getting into the action a little bit. Paul was exhausted of school after one of his final exams and decided to go see Hillary who was speaking just 5 minutes down the road. When he got to the venue, everything was packed and he stood in line outside in 12 degree temperatures until Hillary's staffers came up with a plan B--the Marriott Hotel. He was led across the street and and the staffers bought food (compliments of Hillary's donors) at the Marriott's restaurant until Hillary could come over and greet the overflow crowd. It was a lot of fun and Paul was actually more impressed than he thought he would be.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Ward Christmas Party

We had so much fun at the ward Christmas party. Paul sang his first solo and his family still loved him afterward.

Aubrey's First Visit With Santa

Aubrey had her very first chance to sit on Santa's lap and she did so well (i.e. she didn't scream).