Sunday, October 28, 2007

Powdered Sugar

Sunday Adventure

The afternoon started out with me deciding to make a pumpkin roll. It is a cake with cream cheese over the top and then you roll it so it looks like a log with filling inside. Mom used to make it when we were growing up. So, I make the cake and then wrapped it in a kitchen hand towel that was sprinkled with powdered sugar. I put it in the frig to cool, and then took it out to put the filling inside. Once the filling was inside I rolled it up and wrapped it in plastic wrap and put it back into the frig to cool. I folded up the hand towel that was now covered in powdered sugar and walnuts because I was going to rinse it out before using it again or washing it. I then proceeded to make dinner. I put Aubrey in her bouncy chair and as I was making dinner I saw her push. That can only mean one thing and I knew I would need to change her. But I was in the middle of making dinner and then Paul got a few emails, etc. and I completely forgot about the diaper. We ate dinner with Aubrey still in her bouncy chair and about the time we were finished she started to whine. She was getting hungry so I got up and made her a bottle. Paul started to pick Aubrey up in order to hold and feed her but stopped when I gasped and started laughing! She had poop oozing out of her diaper and it had gotten all over the bouncy chair. Paul proceeded to clean Aubrey up while I started to clean the bouncy chair. He needed my help because Aubrey kept putting her hands in her diaper. I came over and held her hands and it was apparent that she needed a bath. So off to the bathroom we went and I started to give Aubrey a bath while Paul cleaned out her clothes...and they were chunky and nasty! I finished giving Aubrey a bath and took her into the bedroom where I was putting a diaper on Aubrey and some clean clothes when I heard "Oh my word". For Paul, that is a pretty big expression. And you should have heard his tone. I asked him what was wrong and looked down the hall to see powdered sugar all over his suit pants and clothes! I could not contain my laughter! He started cleaning up the bouncy chair and himself. He went to wipe his hands off after washing them and used the hand towel that I had make the cake with! It was hilarious! So now we have a daughter who is hungry and a husband with powdered sugar all over him and poop everywhere!!! It was a pretty funny night! Enjoy the pictures!

Happy 50th Birthday Mom/Grandma!

We are so sorry we cannot be there for your very special 50th birthday, but luckily there are other ways to communicate these day. We hope you have a very youthful and exciting birthday this year. Congratulations!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Dad and Aubrey

Dad picked out his pumpkin and got the cutest one of all!

Mom and Aubrey

Here we are with our pumpkins

Pumpkin Patch

We went to a pumpkin patch yesterday and found the cutest pumpkin of them all!

Aubrey and Grandpa

Aubrey took to Grandpa the moment he arrived and is still mourning over him leaving. She is so excited to see him again for Christmas!

Grandpa and Aubrey Laughing

We have never been able to make Aubrey laugh like Grandpa can! She thought their little joke was so hysterical! See for yourself!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Aubrey starts to walk

Last week she started to roll over and now she is already walking! We can barely keep up with her.

Aubrey rolling over

Aubrey just started rolling over last week and we are so proud of her.