Saturday, April 19, 2008

Cake Decorating: Week Three

Week three of my cake decorating class I wanted to practice the cake I will be making for Aubrey's first birthday. I may change the colors a little bit, but I thought the flower and lady bug turned out pretty well. The next day Paul was running for Vice President of a law society he is in and so I made a cake in support of him. The law society met and gave their speeches while participating in "Relay For Life", a fund raiser for cancer. Too bad Aubrey was crying so much. I had to leave before Paul gave his speech. He didn't win for Vice President, but he is the service representative for the law society.

At the Park

The other day Aubrey and I took a trip to the park. I let her play on the play equipment for the first time and she loved it!

Busy in the Bedroom

I left Aubrey in her bedroom to play by herself one day because I was frustrated with her. I came into the room to find that she had discovered the basket full of her diaper changing materials and she really enjoyed the wipes! She also loves that giraffe! We bought him at Cabelas in Utah and named him Jared the Giraffe.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Help with comments

I need some advice. I don't like all of these random people putting their weird comments on our blogspot. However, I also don't want to "invite" people to view our blogspot. I want people to be able to access our blog but random people not be able to put comments on. How do I filter the comments section and what exact setting do I put the filter at???

Friday, April 11, 2008

Rough Night

Last night was pretty rough at our house. I got home from my cake decorating class and stayed up later than usual trying to clean up the frosting mess. When Paul and I made it to bed and started to drift into a sleeping wonderland, someone's car alarm went off about two or three times. That woke us both up and we once again tried to drift off to sleep. About 15 minutes later the car alarm went off again. This time it continued to go off every minute for the next 15 minutes. I peeked out the window and saw the owner of the car get in and start it and back it up and try to get the alarm to stop. However, when he locked the car the alarm started going off again. We are managers of our apartment complex...the complex that has a noise ordinance so things are suppose to be quiet here!!! Paul went down to the tenant's apartment and, after knocking for a while, the tenant answered the door. Paul told him that he needed to do something to make the alarm stop and the tenant replied the he had just unlocked the doors which should disable the alarm. Perfect! Once again we went back upstairs and tried to nestle in and get a good night sleep. About 10 minutes later I hear a walkie talkie similar to the one you hear a police officer carrying around. I look out the window and there is a police car sitting in our parking lot and a police man standing outside our apartment complex. I went back downstairs and spoke to the policeman and explained the situation. The person who called the police (another one of our tenants) also came out and said she thought someone was playing a practical joke by making the car alarm continue to go off. I told them that the alarm had problems and the tenant has taken care of the situation...thank you. When I went upstairs Paul asked me if I was having a hard time sleeping. I said yes and asked him the same. He said he was having a hard time sleeping because there were people yacking outside! I told him that it was just me and the police officer having a pleasant conversation!!! Hopefully tonight will be a little bit better. If I have to hear one more car alarm go off I think I am going to break something!

Cake Decorating: Week Two

Last week I started a cake decorating class. I am so excited because I have realized that cake decorating is not very hard when you have the right equipment and a little guidance. This week at our class we actually got to decorate our own cake and try some techniques. I know my cake did not turn out the fact, I think it was the ugliest one there. However, my goal this week was not to create a pretty cake but to get in a lot of practice. So, this is what my blob of practice looks like!!! Yummy!!!

Leaves and things

This is a picture of some other techniques that I tried. There are leaves, flowers, a triple shell border, stars, and anything else you can see in there!

Flower and Shell borders

Here are some flower and shell borders I did around the side and bottom of the cake.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

9 Months

This is Aubrey's 9 month old picture. She has learned to smile by crinkling up her nose! Isnt' she adorable?!!!