Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dress Up Queen

Aubrey found one of my clips and wanted me to put it in her hair. I wanted to put the claw high enough so that she could see it in her hair in a mirror. My sister sent Aubrey an awesome package full of dress up necklaces, boas, and hats! Aubrey loves them and isn't so fond of sharing.

Easter Weekend

Yesterday we went to a Primary Easter activity that was so much fun. After the activity and Easter egg hunt we went home to have an egg hunt of our own. Aubrey ran past most of the eggs in order to find the one she really wanted!
Today we had an area conference that was broadcast to us from SLC. The speakers were Elder Snow of the seventy, Sister Lifferth of the General Primary Presidency, Elder Oaks of the quorum of the twelve apostles, and President Thomas S. Monson. It was a fabulous meeting. We came home and Paul and I decorated an Easter cake together. Then we had some friends over for a yummy Easter dinner. What a fun weekend.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Random Pictures

Aubrey's new favorite activity is to take all the toys from her toy basket in the family room and put them on her bed. She giggles as she runs down the hallway. Unfortulately she is not as excited to clean up her toys!

Aubrey in her new Easter dress from Papa J.

Hailey's new Easter dress from Papa J. He always buys the girls such cute clothes!

We love watching general conference and feel it ends too quickly! Paul was helping Aubrey fully enjoy conference by making a tent. He compared his tent to ones in the Book of Mormon when the people gathered to listen to King Benjamin. Similarly, Paul and Aubrey gathered in their tent to listen to the words of a prophet! How cute!!!

Here is my new hair-do. It is hard to get the full effect from this picture. I went in twice because I didn't like how it turned out the first time it was cut. I wanted an A-line and am much happier with the second cut.

Aubrey's Fashion

The other day I asked Paul to buy some white sandals for Aubrey. He came home with two pairs of shoes, one for Hailey and one for Aubrey. Hailey's sandals were much much MUCH cuter than Aubrey's. Paul's purpose in getting Aubrey all white sandals was so they would match more outfits. He got Hailey white sandals with cute colorful butterflies on them. Aubrey immediately wanted Hailey's sandals, not her own, and cried when we tried to put her sandals on her. We attempted to put Hailey's sandals on her, showing her that they were too small for her. When she went down for her nap we hid Hailey's sandals and have not pulled them back out yet. Aubrey still gets a little emotional when putting on her own sandals but she is getting better about it.
The other day I went to a friend's house and she gave me a really cute pair of socks. The next morning I pulled these socks out because I wanted to wear them. Aubrey got a hold of them and brought them to me because she wanted to wear them. I put them on her feet and she walked around that morning in my cute new socks.
This girl definitely has her own sense of fashion!