Friday, October 14, 2011

Lots of Updates!

There are lots of new posts below. Be sure to check them all out. They are in backward order chronologically so you can start with the post titled "Update" and move up from there.

Amber Marie

The girls came to visit mom and Amber at the hospital and had an immediate bond to her. They are going to be great sisters and best three little princesses!

When Hailey first met Amber she gave this face and exclaimed "Oh my goodness!" It was love at first sight and she has not let Amber alone since.


The next day was Paul's brother's homecoming from his mission to Argentina. It is so fun to have him home.


The Saturday before the baby was born we picked and canned peaches from our very own peach tree. I've never tasted such delicious peaches!

That night we went to the Salt Lake Bees baseball game. It was my first pro baseball game and we spent lots of time trying to cool off with plenty of drinks and treats.


It has been a while since I have last updated. I realized after baby #3 was born that all those people who said #3 was the kicker, suddenly you don't have as many hands as you do children, or that you and your husband are out-numbered and the adjustment is hard...all those people said these things in great wisdom. Child #3 has definitely been an adjustment. So, I start my update before the baby was born. Here are some cute pictures of the girls.