Friday, October 14, 2011

Amber Marie

The girls came to visit mom and Amber at the hospital and had an immediate bond to her. They are going to be great sisters and best three little princesses!

When Hailey first met Amber she gave this face and exclaimed "Oh my goodness!" It was love at first sight and she has not let Amber alone since.


The Sheffield's said...

I was wondering if you would ever post something again! I love all of the pictures and I must say that Amber is absolutely beautiful! Congratulations.

Cyndi said...

So sweet! What a beautiful little bundle!

Emily said...

Congratulations Ashley!! So excited for your family, I hope everything went well and that you are getting lots (at least some) of rest.

She's beautiful and i love the name!

Heidi Miller said...

She does have a name!!! YAY!!! She is so gorgeous. I just don't get how ALL your babies have that long gorgeous soft hair. Love it! me!!!

ohmylanta said...

So cute Ash!

I love Hailey's haircut.

And who in the world got your girls looking so beautiful before they came in to see you?

Hope you are adjusting well. You are now officially out numbered.