Wednesday, March 30, 2011

St. Patrick

We had a fabulous St Patty's Day. We learned all about St. Patrick and enjoyed yummy foods like green eggs and pancakes along with green milk for breakfast, green macaroni and cheese for lunch, (and for those of you thinking this is gross, you would be correct. It truly looked disguisting, but the girls loved it!) and tacos on green tortillas for dinner. We ended the day with a treasure hunt for the pot of gold. The clues led us to a pot of treats hidden in the clothes dryer! Unfortunately, I can't post any of these pictures for some unknown reason. You'll just have to imagine how much fun we had!


We took the girls bowling and had so much fun! Hailey was a bit scared at first, but towards the end we convinced her to push the ball. However, she would only go as close as the bowling rack, so we had to help the ball along. Aubrey loved bowling and had so much fun! It was a great family activity, though I have learned from the experience that bowling might not be the best activity during pregnancy!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Aubrey's Ensembles

Lately Aubrey has been very insistent on picking her own outfits and dressing herself. Once dressed, she proceeds to accessorize. These are her latest creations!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hailey's Birthday

We recently celebrated Hailey's second birthday. She is such a sweet girl and our family would not be complete without her. She adds so much spice and fun into our lives. Hailey loves to be teased and she teases her fair share as well. She is a bit emotional but is also quick to laugh. We sure do love this wonderful little girl. Paul and his brother worked hard the night before to get her cake done so she could wake up to her Thomas the Train cake!

Here she is with all her presents.

This was by far one of her favorite presents. My sister sent her some Thomas the Train PJs. She loves them! When I get her up from naptime she has taken off her pants and has her Thomas pjs in hand, asking me to put them on!