Thursday, November 17, 2011


I love the fall! I love the leaves that crunch under my feet as I walk, the cool brisk air, the excitement of upcoming holidays! What a wonderful time of year! Last Saturday we woke early and spent the morning raking leaves.

My wonderful little helpers. They were such troopers to hold bags all morning while we filled them with leaves.

By the afternoon a storm had blown through and we had enough snow to build a snowman!


Heidi Miller said...

Golly I miss you. Hailey has gotten so big I can hardly tell the two girls apart now! You look great and I just can't wait to talk to you!

Katie Miller said...

Um, did you make Aubrey's hat? If so, will you work on one in adult size? I want one!
I still have yet to hold Amber. It's quite disappointing. :(
Fall is awesome!!!