Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Birthday/Father's Day

Paul's birthday was right before Father's Day. We had a fun party, played Paul Jeopardy and everyone got to know Paul a little better.

I made a frozen yogurt cake for Paul's birthday.

Happy Father's Day! We are so grateful for Paul and what a wonderful husband and father he is. We couldn't ask for a better man to be head of our home! We got him tools for both his birthday and Father's Day. What a great gift for a new homeowner!


Heidi Miller said...

Ummmm, can ya mail some of that Frozen Yogurt cake this way?! Miss you!

What Katie Did said...

I am so dang jealous of those tools. In all seriousness. Ask my mom. She can tell you a story about a Christmas where I won a tool set. Best. Christmas. EVER!
And I'm sorry I missed his birthday (and Aubrey's). Yeah, loser friend alert.

nathan n rachel said...

Miss you much.