Friday, September 19, 2008

First trip to the zoo

We finished the day with a train ride around the zoo.

The giraffes came up really close to us and the kids were able to feed them.

One of the emu's got out of it's cage and was walking around with us. We were a little nervous that it might bite and so left the area quickly.

We went into an enclosed area where we could feed the birds. They were landing all over us and one of them took a bite at Aubrey. I think it hurt her and scared her because she started crying and we quickly left the enclosed bird area.

Aubrey and I as well as our good friends Heidi and her son Alex went to the zoo together. It was Aubrey's first trip to the zoo and I think she had fun. She didn't quite take everything in, but she did get pretty excited to see some of the animals. We went to the petting zoo first and played with the goats. Aubrey would stick out her hand. When the goat licked it she would be so surprized that she would pull away.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Top ten things I love about Aubrey

These aren't listed in any particular order...

1. She gives great hugs and kisses. Whenever she hugs me she says "ahhhh".
2. She climbs on the couch and looks out the window at Paul or I whenever we go outside. When looking in at her, all we can see are her eyes, nose and her hand waving at us!
3. She loves dressing up and putting on necklaces and shoes.
4. She gets BEYOND excited when we are leaving the house. It doesn't matter where we go, she loves to get out and see the world.
5. She talks my ear off, even though she isn't really saying anything coherent.
6. She brings books into the kitchen while I am cooking dinner and "reads" them to me.
7. She knows what she can and can't play with. When she is playing with something she shouldn't be and I confront her, she immediately drops whatever it is she is playing with and looks at me with innocent eyes, as if she hasn't done anything wrong.
8. She LOVES pillows and blankets and playing on our bed. She loves us to throw pillows on her and she snuggles up to anything soft. She will take her stuffed animals and bury her face in them.
9. She loves playing with other kids and is incredibly social with children...not so much with adults.
10. I love love love her hair. Aubrey is pretty good about sitting still while I do her hair in the morning and she has always had a lot of hair. It is so fun to have a little girl with hair that I can fix and put cute bows in.

Growing Up

I usually keep the door of the bathroom closed. One day I left it open and Aubrey found the toilet paper. Since then, life is never the same. Whenever I open the bathroom door she tries to get in because she knows there are so many fun things to play with!

Aubrey loves to dress up. She puts on her necklaces almost everyday and wears them all day. She asks me to put on her shoes and shirt so she can dress up and look so pretty! If I ever whistle at her and tell her she looks so pretty in something, she will want to wear it all day.

We bought Aubrey a doll stroller to help her learn to walk. The stroller is unstable so, rather than leaning on it to push it, she has to really walk while pushing it. However, she has learned that she can push it while crawling. What a gal! She is going to be two years old before she decides that walking is not such a bad thing! But I love her smile! Whenever I pull out the camera and tell her to smile this is the face I get. Pretty cute, huh?!