Friday, August 21, 2009



Aubrey's 123's

Summer Time Fun

Here are some pictures of our summertime fun in Utah. When we returned home we went with our new neighbors and friends, the Thuets, to the apple orchard.

Water, water, water!

Aubrey decided to turn her pool floaty into a hat!

Stopping to smell the flowers.

This is Aubrey's first very own ice cream cone. She successfully managed to get it everywhere!

Aubrey loved swimming often this summer in Papa J's pool. She also loved to play with the hose and on the trampoline at Grandma Beddes' house.

Pioneer Day Parade

We went to the 24th of July Pioneer Day Parade in Salt Lake City with Paul's mom.

Thanksgiving Point Gardens

This summer we went to the Thanksgiving Point Gardens at the point of the mountain in Utah with Paul's mom. They were amazing! They were far bigger than I had ever imagined and perfectly manicured. Aubrey loved to hold the umbrella, though she couldn't quite get it to block the sun.

Paul's brother turned 19 years old this summer and requested a spider cake. This is what Paul and I came up with.

Hailey's hair always used to stick straight up on end. This picture was taken earlier in the summer. Now her hair is long enough that it lays more flat.